Business Administration and Economics

You’ll develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills you need to analyze and produce a broad range of discourse in a full spectrum of careers in business — and to make a difference in whatever you do.


The mission of the Business Administration and Economics study programme at the bachelor level within Dardania College is to prepare students with intellectual skills and capacities for leadership careers and practical management skills, enabling them to enter research work, as well as to expand their knowledge. about economic systems and policies that contribute to and meet the challenges of a free market economy. 

The main goal of the general educational activity at Dardania College is for students to be systematically engaged, educated and trained in the academic, professional and practical fields. The BA Business Administration and Economics programme offers three-year studies and offers a range of courses related to the most sought-after areas in the job market, such as finance and accounting, marketing, economic policy and orientation towards various aspects of management and business.

The importance of the programme lies in preparing students to have a career perspective, preparing them for the full spectrum of fields related to economics and business. This study programme aims to contribute to the intellectual and creative development of students, in order to prepare them as best they can, so that their contribution can be effective in the economic development of the country and for the business community. 

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The primary goal of the entire educational activity at Dardania College is for students to be systematically trained in academic, professional and practical fields.

The objectives of the programme are defined in accordance with the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) and are therefore determined to be in line with the European Higher Education Qualifications Framework.

Expected Results

Expected results of Business Administration and Economics study programme are:

  • Use and evaluate tools to analyze a business in its environment;
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with threats and opportunities faced by organizations in an ever-changing environment;
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with customer diversity and workforce diversity in an ever-changing environment;
  • Evaluate the quality of quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Work in a specific field for a company related to management, finance, accounting, economics and business in general;
  • Use skills acquired in jobs with primary functions such as promotion and advertising, production planning and statistical data analysis;
  • Demonstrate the ability to argue which principles should be used in finding solutions to issues related to economic policies;
  • Demonstrate skills in handling operational, tactical and strategic issues;
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and decision-making processes in relation to the strategies used to deal with short-term and long-term goals.

Business Administration and Economics programme functioned on the basis of accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

Study Plan

Semester 1 ECTS Credits Mandatory/ Elective
Microeconomics 7 Mandatory
Business Mathematics 7 Mandatory
Basics of Management 6 Mandatory
Academic Writing 5 Mandatory
English Language 5 Mandatory
Semester 2ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
to Accounting
Basics of Statistics6Mandatory
Introduction to Business5Mandatory
to Informatics
Semester 3ECTS CreditsMandatory/Elective
Financial Management7Mandatory
Research Methods6Mandatory
Elective 15Mandatory
Elective 25Mandatory
Semester 4ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Information Systems
Managerial Accounting7Mandatory
Economic System
and Economic Policies
Elective 35Mandatory
Elective 45Mandatory
Semester 5ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Enterprise and
Business Environment
Human Resources
Elective 35Mandatory
Elective 45Mandatory
Semester 6ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Strategic Management7Mandatory
Diploma Paper6Mandatory
Elective 75Mandatory
Elective 85Mandatory

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