Kolegji Dardania nënshkruan memorandum mirëkuptimi me Ministrinë e Ekonomisë dhe Ambientit

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Dardania College has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Economy and Environment (MAE) regarding the project “KODE”, a project for the Digital Economy of Kosovo within the Kosovo Research and Education Network.

This memorandum was considered as an important event in the interconnection of education and technology. This memorandum in particular aims to create access to technology and knowledge resources in an international network for students and professors of higher education institutions, as well as a cooperation in promoting economic development and increasing employment through the inclusion of information technology and communication.

This project aims to help Kosovo by funding all activities related to the country’s digital transformation. The Kosovo Research and Education Network claims to achieve the development of the research community by providing this community with access to a variety of digital resources. These resources include access to literature, modern information technology infrastructure, various digital services, and to provide cooperation between educational institutions inside and outside Kosovo.

Student life here is very engaging and interesting. Dardania College offers so many opportunities for students, including the first year ones. Students, the staff, and everything else is to be admired. I am so happy to be a student of this college!