Studentja e Kolegjit Dardania, kandidate për Doktoraturë në Japoni

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Arbenita Sopaj a student of Dardania College who has successfully completed her studies in English Language and American Studies, is pursuing her PhD studies at Kobe University in Japan

Throughout her studies, Arbenita was a distinguished student participating in various international conferences. Subsequently, she continued her Master studies in Poland and Japan, and is now pursuing her PhD studies in Japan.

Below you can read a short interview given by Arbenita to the students of Dardania College.

What made you choose Dardania College to start you Bachelor studies?

Arbenita Sopaj: The primary reason I decided to study at Dardania College in the 2012/13 academic year was the unique study program at the Bachelor level English and American Studies. Also, another reason was also the credibility and successful performance of Dardania College over the years, as well as the eminent professors who teach at Dardania College.

Can you tell us about your experience while studying at Dardania College?

Arbenita Sopaj: In addition to lectures, exercises, internships, open lectures by international professors, as well as other activities during my studies, I also found academic and financial support from Dardania College that enabled me to realize my ideas in the international arena, such as representation and participation. at the Model Court of Justice conference held in Ankara, Turkey in 2015. The experience gained during my studies and participation in various conferences, have helped me achieve the success I enjoy today by being a participant and leader of various international conferences.

How much have your studies at Dardania College helped you to continue your further success?

Arbenita Sopaj: Studies at Dardania College have helped me in both ways: academically and morally. This is thanks to the continuous support of the academic staff and the administrative staff, and also thanks to the cooperation with colleagues throughout the studies which made the three-year study period more productive. Graduating from the English Language and American Studies Program has made it extremely easy to pursue a Master’s degree at Jagiellonia University in Poland and at Kobe University in Japan, where I am pursuing a PhD. Continuing my studies abroad required certification of English language proficiency, but I did not encounter any difficulties in this process thanks to my studies at Dardania College and the diploma which is internationally recognized and in this case by the two aforementioned universities.

Can you tell us more about your academic / professional journey after graduating from Dardania College?

Arbenita Sopaj: After completing my studies at Dardania College, I continued my studies at the Master level at Jagiellonski University in Poland. After a year of studying in Poland, I also applied for the well-known EU-Japan Multidisciplinary Master Program where I was the only student selected to pursue a second Master’s degree at Kobe University. While attending various international conferences, last year I started my PhD studies at Kobe University where I am also a Lecturer. In addition to the university career, this year I joined the United Nations Academic Council as a Tokyo-based Assistant Professor. Part of the current career is also the publication of scientific articles as well as the review of academic books.

What is your message to the graduates and students of Dardania College?

Arbenita Sopaj: Dardania College offers you many opportunities to show success in academic and professional life if you are steadfast in achieving your goals. Try to take advantage of the opportunity to study at Dardania College which has a modern infrastructure for studies, as well as to gain academic knowledge from the selected academic staff of the college. Follow your dreams and never give up, no matter what challenges you may encounter during your studies. Turn any advice and criticism from College professors into your own success!

Arbenita, we thank you for this interview and emphasize that all academic, administrative staff and students of Dardania College feel proud of your success. We also wish you further success in the academic world!

Arbenita Sopaj: Thank you for the interview and your continuous support. All the best to you all!


Student life here is very engaging and interesting. Dardania College offers so many opportunities for students, including the first year ones. Students, the staff, and everything else is to be admired. I am so happy to be a student of this college!