Konferenca Online (ZOOM): “Roli i KB në Këshillimin Kushtetues”

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Dardania College has the pleasure to host the online conference entitled "The UN Role in Constitutional Advising"

The distinguished guest is Prof. Dr. David Law- Sir Y. K. Pao Chair in Public Law from the University of Hong-Kong. The commentator of the conference is Prof. Dr. Enver Hasani- President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo 2009, and Professor at the Dardania College. 

For those interested to join the conference, e-mail us at info@kolegjidardania.com

Student life here is very engaging and interesting. Dardania College offers so many opportunities for students, including the first year ones. Students, the staff, and everything else is to be admired. I am so happy to be a student of this college!