Dardania College has a physical library which includes the 3rd floor and the 4th floor of our institution.

Dardania College has a physical library which includes the 3rd floor and the 4th floor of our institution. In addition to the physical library, students have the opportunity to access the electronic library provided by Dardania College.

This library is equipped with the most modern literature which is available to students at any time. At the moment, the library of Dardania College fully meets the needs of students for textbooks and literature, both for the compulsory subjects and for the elective subjects which are taught in the programs of the College. In addition to the required titles, the College has provided other titles which help them to deepen their knowledge in various fields according to their preferences.

In addition, knowing that knowledge is updated exponentially, Dardania College has provided electronic links of eminent distributors for students to have easier and faster access to contemporary resources, enabling browsing e-books which are the latest published publications. by experts in relevant fields.

Dardania College has provided access to ten databases of Ebsco electronic journals by becoming part of the Kosovo Electronic Libraries Consortium. Thousands of titles of electronic journals of various fields are included in ten electronic databases to which Dardania College has access today. Also, Dardania College is part of the Consortium of Electronic Libraries of Kosovo that operates within the National and University Library of Kosovo. In addition, we make sure to continuously update the library with a significant number of publications that are published and that match the study plans.

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Rector Word

The Rector of the Dardania College is managing authority which presides the Senate of the College, guaranties the efficiency of the decisions of the Steering Council.

Student's Opinion

Everything that I learned at Dardania College really helped put me above the competition in the field of business management.

Laurent Krasniqi
BA Business Administration and Economics